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In Sherrard, IL, finding reliable equipment for construction and farming can be a daunting task. At RTR Companies Inc., we understand the struggle to keep projects on track and budgets in check. Labor-intensive tasks on construction sites and farms require robust solutions. As prominent equipment dealers, we’re here to transform how you approach these challenges, ensuring you have the tools needed to succeed from the start.

Struggling with time-consuming tasks on your construction site or farm? It’s time to make a change. Our selection of equipment is designed to streamline operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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At RTR Companies Inc., we pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of our clients in and around Sherrard, IL. With over three decades of experience, we’re not just equipment dealers; we’re your partners in achieving project success. Our comprehensive range of construction and farming equipment, alongside specialized services like hydraulic repair, ensures your operations run seamlessly. Whether you’re eyeing a new tractor for your farm or a crucial piece of construction machinery, our team is here to support your goals. Embrace the future of efficient, labor-saving equipment with us – where your project’s success is our priority.

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