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Elevate your construction and land-clearing tasks with our top-of-the-line equipment at RTR Companies Inc., Orion, IL. We understand the challenges of working in confined spaces or extensive open areas. That’s why we offer a diverse range of machinery, from robust skid steers to versatile loaders and compactors, designed to simplify your projects from start to finish.

Our Collection Includes:

Baumalight Mini Skids: Since its pre-production in 2016, Baumalight has honed its expertise in mini skids, with three models currently available and an electric version underway. Learn more about our mini skids: Baumalight Mini Skids.

Giant Loaders: With a legacy since 2001 and celebrating the production of their 25,000th machine, Giant Loaders offers a range of compact wheel loaders. Ranging from 2,420 to 10,140 lbs, these loaders are ideal for both tight backyards and expansive spaces. They come in Z-Bar style, X-tra, and Tele (telescoping boom) configurations. Compare models here: Giant Loaders.

Giant Compaction Products: With over 45 years of experience, Giant’s compaction equipment, including electric models, meets various project needs. Discover more here: Giant Compaction Products.



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At RTR Companies Inc., we prioritize matching you with the ideal equipment for your specific project and timeline. Whether you’re seeking new or used machinery, our trained staff is dedicated to ensuring your project’s success with the right tools, efficiently and safely.

For the best selection of skid steers and other construction equipment in Orion, IL, look no further. Our range caters to every aspect of your construction needs, from demolition and excavation to mowing and debris removal. Contact us today to explore our extensive range and find out how we can assist in making your construction work more efficiently.